Sunday, April 17, 2011

What my Daughter Sings

2 years of Bella 0-1-2

So Bella has fully jumped into "I have favorite things" time.  Specifically I'm talking about her favorite Disney movies.  I think all kids who are brought up with Disney movies eventually has a favorte that they'll watch over and over and over and over and over ad nausium. 

For her it is Tangled.  Followed by all three of the Tinkerbell Movies. Personally I don't think this is a bad thing, I mean come on it makes her happy right?


But is it okay for her to watch those same movies over and over again every day?

As a parent you actually start paying a bit more attention to all of those stories and articles about how things are bad for kids.  How you can improve your kids and teach them better.  What parent doesn't want what's best for their kids? 

Though I'm sure many of you with kids have found out, most of this "advice" is so much smoke.  You can take all of this under advisement, keep it in mind, what have you; but in the end it's just you and the children.  What you teach them from what to eat, how to speak, how to act, what's right and what's wrong, matters more than what they watched (if anything) as a kid. 

For now, I'll just focus on enjoying her life and enriching it any way I can.  I know that she's entering the all important "learn everything" phase of life and I intend to teach her anything and everything.  It's like seeing the world again with fresh eyes!  This is a great time in my families' life and I intend to enjoy it and not worry about if she's watching educational programing or not.  "I've got a Dream" dang it and it is happy and full of singing and dancing just for fun.  She'll learn her numbers without Dora and Barney just fine thank you very much.

This goes for those of you who DO use all this learning stuff out there.  It doesn't matter if I don't use it, it's not an attack on you and you shouldn't think it is.  Just enjoy raising your children and making them the best they can be! 

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