Friday, April 22, 2011

The "X" Series. The greatest games you've never played

The "X" series has been around since 1999 and far too many gamers have probably never heard of it.  Egosoft has been making games for quite some time, and while they are by no way "mainstream" they are still great games in their own right.

The X series is an epic single player space opera game. Sure there's a story line, but the majority of the game is basically the player making their way in a large glaxay any way they want. Everything a big sci-fi gamer wants in a game is here. Fighter combat, big ships, galactic trade, epic political powers, and even powerful alien species. This game has it all, except for one thing: Multiplayer. I hope Egosoft shows at E3 so I can ask them all sorts of questions about this great game!

For those who've been around for a while I will agree that the X series deffinetly seems like a single player EVE online.

That said it is because it's single player that has allowed the game to survive as long as it has. EVE is great, but I know of many players who just don't have the time or energy to put into an online game but still want that epic space game feel. I for instance have a life and family now so I can no longer devote the hours I would want/need to EVE online, the X series is a great alternative.

I highly reckogmend checking out the series. I also think EVE Online is worth your time if you're into MMO Space.

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